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1 to 1 sessions

Book a 1 to 1 session with me and build muscle, define your physique and get fit


Train with someone to give that competitive edge to your sessions. Push to reach your goals together

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group session

Get a group together and book a session to all achieve your fitness needs BODY IN 2 SHAPE

with me today

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Zaylie Absolom

I focus on weight loss and client’s overall fitness. I have been training for a year now and have managed to gain a love for fitness and loose just over 3 stone of weight after having my daughter 2 years ago.

After feeling very low about my body I managed to train alongside Jay Clarke and shift my baby weight and develop a love for exercising and take back my confidence within my body and mind!

This is what pushed me to do my personal training qualification to help others get body confident and experience a love for fitness just like me!

If you want to gain your confidence back after a weight gain or postnatal, I'm the person to come to, my sessions will welcome anyone of any fitness level or size!

Lets start your journey today, Get Fit and Confident

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